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Getting Ready for Licensure/Certification Examinations

Getting Ready for Licensure/Certification Examinations

by Alberto Laurito -
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Calling All Prospective Takers of the Next Chemical Engineering Licensure and Industrial Engineering Examinations:

The e2Academy is pleased to announce that it shall hold its own version of Refresher Courses for those interested to supplement their completed formal review classes to master Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Examinations. The blended face to face and online course will be made available two months before the actual exam schedule. Using an innovative Prepare, Assess, Strategize, and Simulate (PASS) Approach, the course participants shall gain confidence in efficient exam taking and effectiveness in hurdling MCQ exams. Download the attached flyer for more information. Registration period is every Saturday of the week beginning July 6, 2019.

Dean/Prof. Abet Laurito